Eleserv: Helping Organizations Align Talent Strategies with Their Objectives

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Kelly Painter, Principal & Senior Service Consultant, EleservKelly Painter, Principal & Senior Service Consultant
The trio Kelly Painter, Gina Gonzales, and Dwight Grain worked together in a global professional services firm helping their clients to implement various assessment tools for pre-hire selection, executive coaching, and leadership development and also organize processes for high potential programs. When another company acquired the firm, the trio unsure about the new development decided to venture out and founded Eleserv in 2016. Leveraging their deep expertise of more than 15 years in the talent management space, Eleserv offers efficient assessment tools supplementing the hiring strategies of organizations, thereby maximizing their productivity. As a result, the company gained not only new clients but also their former clients. “We strive to look for new opportunities for our clients to be more efficient and be their best champions and offer the best tools to ensure the career growth of their employees. In a nutshell, we want to be their partner who really cares for them,” says Kelly Painter, Principal and Senior Service Consultant.

Through its array of assessment tools, Eleserv addresses various challenges faced by the clients, such as turnover and retention issues. The company provides skill assessments, behavioral assessments, coaching, and development tools, along with customer service training. The skill assessment tools include video interviewing and job simulations to confirm a candidate’s skill proficiency before hiring. This unique approach of analyzing the skill sets helps in shortlisting candidates efficiently, thereby reducing turnover. Eleserv partners with eSkill, a global leader in online skill assessment testing, to provide a platform for customized job assessment tests selected from 6000 different subject titles. Besides, the company offers behavioral job fit assessment tools such as Talent Bullseye for identifying candidates with the required fit for the position, the organization, and its culture. These tools can be used in any phase of the employee life cycle, including selection, promotion, and leadership development.
Further, Eleserv has a team of professional trainers that develops customer service training to improve brand and customer retention for clients.

Eleserv also addresses another challenge faced by the talent management industry. Traditional methods of background verification utilized are slow and accurate as it involves third parties. Besides, clients also have numerous certification checks for which candidates have to wait, and oftentimes clients end up losing them. Realizing the need for faster decision making, Eleserv offers disruptive blockchain recruitment solutions to streamline the recruitment process with real-time verification and access-trusted information. This removes intermediaries who introduce friction and delays speeding up the hiring at a reduced cost.

Eleserv serves its clients with the utmost care and attention to their issues. Diagnosing the various processes, the company understands the requirements and provides customized solutions. Whether its 5 or 5,00,000 employees, Eleserv provides talent solutions to support organizations of any size.

Kelly highlights an instance where Eleserv helped a client with their training program for nurses. The program cost around $105,000 and was intended to train nurses and assimilate them to facilities, and after three months of training, they will be assigned to full-time work—however, this increased turnover. Addressing the issue, Eleserv created different models for the training as well as for facilities. When interviewing, one challenge recruiters faced was that the hiring decision was based on their performance during the interview, as most of the nurses coming out of schools had similar degrees and score was not an efficient parameter. Eleserv provided assessment tools for analyzing individual fit for the program and facility. The client was able to cut their turnover by almost 70 percent in the training program, and their overall turnover by 83 percent.

With a slew of client referrals coming in, Eleserv aims to double its size for better service and retain more clients. The company also plans to build the blockchain recruitment applications and its implementation throughout 2020.
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Kelly Painter, Principal & Senior Service Consultant

Eleserv helps organizations to align the talent strategies with their objectives, thereby maximizing their productivity. Leveraging the deep expertise of its founders for more than 15 years in the talent management space, the company offers an array of efficient assessment tools to analyze and confirm the candidate’s skills while hiring. These assessment tools include skill assessments, behavioral assessments, coaching, and development tools, along with customer service training. Eleserv also enables faster decision making during recruitment for clients through its disruptive blockchain recruitment solutions. Whether its five employees or 5,00,000 employees, the company provides talent solutions to support organizations of any size with utmost care and attention